Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Oh to be young

I was praying with my youngest two children tonight and before we did the Our Father I asked them who they wanted to pray for. There were a few suggestions (mainly favourite cousins and friends) and then I suggested teachers.
I was very impressed with their attempts to pronounce their teachers' names properly and then my youngest (turning 4 this week) announced with great excitement (he with a cute lisp, etc):

- (with his eyes closing temporarily in effort)
  The brue gwoup has a new teacher!

- Do you know her name?

- Miss Happy

- Miss Happy?

- Yeths, Miss Happy.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

And Nature is a playground

...and it's free. These kind of holidays are a real blessing. No shop for children to beg to be bought something that will make them really, really happy- for about 4 minutes. The seaside's a real leveller. We could all have stayed here all evening.
In fact it was the only decent evening we had on our holiday in Wales.
It was just like home! But we were together and relaxed and that's what made it a holiday. This is beautiful North Wales.

Necessity is a mother

...of artistic invention. I really didn't make this up. It's beautiful. And what do you do when the weather is wet and you have to entertain the young'uns? Take them to an outdoor shop and see if they fancy horse riding. Jockeys have to be light don't they?

Paved Paradise

In our climate a paved area is a Godsend. It's such a contrast to the abundance of grass we used to have around our last house. We have a long drive/football (soccer) pitch.
And here they've a paved paradise and put up a parking lot. What else does a young one do when the local scooter lockup rent is so high?